Suoi Mu Lodge

The Spirit

A step further away

Suoi Mu Lodge is tucked away in a deep valley of Ngoc Son Ngo Luong nature reserve, about 150km Southwest of Hanoi somewhere between Mai Chau and Cuc Phuong national park. It is set between two mountains sculpted by terraced rice fields and covered in jungle. By the lodge, a stream of clear water flows, Mu stream, and its endless cascading pools.

The Spirit

Your Lodge

A comfortable retreat

The lodge consists of a main building, a traditional wooden house on stilts. Large wooden posts overhung by a thick roof of palm tree leaves. A nice bathroom and separated sitting toilets compose a secondary building. Finally an outdoor roofed terrace and an exclusive access to the natural pools and cascades complete the property.

This whole property always welcomes one group at a time. From 1 to 6 adults and kids. It means that even if you alone book the Suoi Mu Lodge, we guarantee you will benefit of the whole privatized lodge during the length of your stay.

Your hosts

The Muong hospitality

On your arrival to the lodge, you will be greeted by Mrs Thuc and her family. They will take care of you during your whole stay. Be ready to discover some genuine Muong ethnic hospitality. Make yourself cozy, during your stay this house is your house.

Thuc will treat you with a simple yet varied cuisine. She serves traditional Muong meals with ingredients almost exclusively from her garden and coming in a colorful set of several dishes. Have a seat around the ephemeral table and share a moment of gastronomic pleasures.


Slow down

The idea behind a stay at the Suoi Mu Lodge is to make the pace yours. Avid trekkers or adrenaline seekers, you may want to look at other destinations. The Suoi Mu Lodge is a place for epicureanism and good life. Tread lightly across the valley, enjoy spontaneous meetings with locals, get your hands on trying some seasonal farming work, read a book in your private sala overlooking the cascades, take a dip in the natural swimming pools shaped by the stream, take part in cooking the meals and soak up some genuine Muong ethnic culture. Staying at the Suoi Mu Lodge is all about it, like stepping out of time and simply enjoying a very good slice of life.

Contact Us

Please note that Suoi Mu Lodge works exclusively with travel agents and does not receive direct guests.

If you are a travel agent and require information please send us a message via suoimulodge@gmail.com.

We will make sure to come back to you shortly